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Kiwi Photos - a unique decoration: Natural bio-chemical processed photos...

From a very young age, I realized that the vanity of others could be used for financial gain. My first camera quickly proved to be a very good investment. My curiosity and love of travel were an ideal combination for my artistic aspirations and I composed many double-page spreads for publications and advertising agencies.

Today, my Kiwi Project profits from the large picture stock I have at my disposal. I expose color slides to a bio-chemical process transforming them into images which I call KIWIS. As this process cannot be interrupted, or stopped, the slide is eventually destroyed and lost forever. But during the process, I choose the right moment to scan the slide using a very high-resolution scanner. The result is an intriguing new image, a still of the transformation process.

The Kiwi Fotos are available in various formats.

Collect your inquiries by Marking objects of interest. You will receive email with prices and delivery information.

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