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Wood Carvings, Animal Puzzles, Driftwood Art, Tiffany Glass Lamps, Photography, Book on Wood Carving.

Carving tool I use different kinds of materials to create my objects, but in the end they all have one thing in common: Light. Light makes them what they are and brings out their beauty.
Only light can bring out the transparency and shimmering color of an opalescent glass lampshade. A photograph is a split second of light, forever captured.
The right light gives woodcarvings more texture and depth, adding an aesthetic dimension otherwise impossible to achieve.
I became fascinated with light when I was very young and I found ways of using it in my work. I learned to understand and master it and use it in very different ways to highlight my creations. Read more...
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Events & Highlights

Events & Highlights - Animations

Under Construction: Arts and Crafts Market in Lübeck
The 49th Arts and Crafts Market in Heiligen-Geist-Hospital has been cancelled this year [more...]

Museum für Völkerkunde in Hamburg vom 15.11. - 19.11.2017
31. Markt der Völker im Hamburger Museum für Völkerkunde [more...]

Kunsthandwerker Markt Löningen 12.-13 Nov. 2016
30. Kunsthandwerker Markt Löningen 12.-13 Nov. 2016 im Forum Hasetal [more...]

The Chess Game Set
The primary idea was to create a chess play with animals.I tried to figure out which animal would fit the best to the character of each chessmen... [more...]

Erna the genetically engineered pig
The animal farm gave me the inspiration to create "Erna"... [more...]

Death of the Rhino
Once upon a time in Africa, a big population of animals like Zebras, Lions, Rhinos and others was living in the plains of the Kilimanjaro... [more...]