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Greed for power

Title : Greed for power
Group : Wood Art
Subgroup : Greed Octopus
 Size (cm) : 82 x 1 x 9
Code : 50199820199907
Price : Ask
 Created : 2020-06-26
7th arm: With increasing popularity, they suddenly want to try gain power over others, by becoming politicians, for example. More and more magicians, musicians and actors are entering the world of politics. The greed for power has shaped the history of mankind for so long and has ultimately brought only death and ruin. Eloquent politicians can easily spread lies and find enough followers to implement their political agendas, no matter how wrong they are. A charged socio-political climate, history has shown, regardless who is behind the greed for power, creates only losers in the long run. Greed for power manifests itself in many ways: a show of superiority, the claim to be right, the wish to impose one's will. Whether it is Buddhists expelling the Rohingya, Indian Hindus robbing Muslims of their livelihoods, Muslims bombing Christian churches, or crusaders forcibly converting infidels: throughout history, the power of religion may have done more harm than good. Attaining power through a show of strength, physical intimidation or even the use of weapons, leaves traumatized victims and robs countless people of their ancestral homelands. Power through drugs, criminal organizations, politics and world religions can tear apart established social structures and leave irreparable damage behind. Although it was difficult for people to check propaganda for truth before we had the internet, the internet has made it even easier for people today to produce and spread fake news and conspiracy theories and to make others believe just about anything.