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Greed for our planet`s resources

Title : Greed for our planet`s resources
Group : Wood Art
Subgroup : Greed Octopus
 Size (cm) : 82 x 1 x 9
Code : 50199820199908
Price : Ask
 Created : 2020-06-26
8th arm: The greed for power and the apparatus necessary to maintain it requires enormous financial resources. In many countries, these can easily be obtained through the exploitation of natural resources. Whether it is diamonds, gold or crude oil – they have triggered the greed for our planet’s resources, regardless of the consequences. We can expect major wars to be fought over natural resources. This greed leaves only losers and toxic wastelands in its wake— once the process of ruthless overexploitation has begun, only dead industrial deserts will remain. Nowhere left to live for people, animals and flora; everything will be radioactive; contaminated water sources will leave us without the basis for survival. We will have finally succeeded. Greed, growing slowly until it reaches a point of no return, is capable of creating conditions that will make Earth uninhabitable: with it we will exterminate ourselves and very likely most other life forms as well.