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Chasing for money

Title : Chasing for money
Group : Wood Art
Subgroup : Greed Octopus
 Size (cm) : 82 x 1 x 9
Code : 50199820199903
Price : Ask
 Created : 2020-06-26
3rd arm: But this is not the problem of the "Banksters" while they dance around the golden calf. Their greed for money is a cult that drives them to worship the golden calf. They have forgotten that there are also other values; they see, hear and dream only of gold and the $ sign, their devotion is almost religious. They have become victims of the dollar snake, which, in the beginning, approaches them in disguise. People try in vain to free themselves from their dependence on money. They are in prison with no hope of early release. There is no escape and, once infected, nearly all of them die a money-greed death.