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Death of the Rhino

Title : Death of the Rhino
Group : Wood Art
Subgroup : Rhinoceros
Code : Das Nashorn
Price : Ask
Death of the Rhino

Once upon a time in Africa, a big population of animals like Zebras,Lions, Rhinos and others was living in the plains of the Kilimanjaro...

But then a poacher came and shoot the rhino in the head to steal his horn...

Than the horn took a long way to asia,where it found its market as aphrodisiacs but no proof of any strengthening power.

In the end the story runs like this,cut the branch of a tree you are sitting on and you will brake your bones.

Itīs almost Five Minutes to This Midnight, we can only save this world by starting to protect all living creatures right now.

That bullet in the rhinoīs head will also become our own bullet,if we donīt start changing. Changing now.