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Title : Curiosity
Group : Wood Art
Subgroup : Greed Octopus
 Size (cm) : 82 x 1 x 9
Code : 50199820199901
Price : Ask
 Created : 2020-06-26
1st arm: Hansel and Gretel stand looking around curiously. They don’t recognize their surroundings. There’s a fence around the forest because an investment company is planning on creating a golf club and leisure center here. And a nearby industrial area on the outskirts of town is already beginning to take its toll on the forest. The pollution produced by these industrial plants has already damaged the trees’ roots; many will not survive. This gives the investors a good excuse to cut them all down. Greedy poachers set traps for the few remaining forest animals and some die an agonizing death. The foxes worry about their coats of fur, will they soon be made into fashionable coats for humans? A badger hardly dares to leave his den, asking himself whether it might not perhaps be better to be a mole. The trees view everything that approaches their habitat with suspicion, nearly everything could turn out to be a threat. Nearly starving in the forest, Hansel and Gretel see a land of plenty just beyond. It smells of fried foods, sausages and everything they could possibly imagine.