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Greed octopus

Title : Greed octopus
Group : Wood Art
Subgroup : Greed Octopus
 Size (cm) : 82 x 1 x 9
Code : 49199820199899
Price : Ask
 Created : 2020-06-26
This is the greed octopus. Inside of this labyrinth of 8 separate sections you may see different kind of greed, some you might have yourself, others you will be afraid to hear about or even to see them and to suffer once involved. They cause fear and helplessness. It will be not easy at all to get rid of greed once you followed. But it is not insurmountable, but I have to admit, the way out might be hard and unpleasant. More pictures you will find on my Instagram: gotzpeterreichelt, or on Facebook: Gotz Peter Reichelt Artwork.
There is also more text to explain the whole story